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A new era of virtual internships for high school students in South East Asia

In a competitive workforce, the need for intelligent individuals who can think outside the box is imperative. Intern-Ed allows students to explore various topics such as market research and new product development. All of this happens online! 

This structured internship can be your company's way of interacting with a different target audience and investing in the future of the workforce.

Why should a student choose InternEd?


Flexible 3-week, 7-week and custom internships


Professional, project-based training


Meaningful projects that add value to the company


Valuable work experience in the resume

Why Should a company partner with InternEd?

Our companies get to decide on their bespoke projects and get trained interns at ZERO cost. Hover on each feature below to see why companies would benefit from an internship program from us.

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Access to a network of parents, students and teachers
Get the perspective of your potential future customers
Marketing and PR - Youth building
Giving back to the community by providing opportunities
Building a diverse future pipeline
Achieved with minimal use of company resources

Our Internship Partners

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