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What do we do?

Intern-Ed is a company that provides virtual internships for high school students between the ages of 15-18 in Indonesia. 

These internships are project-based and designed to provide a real-world experience to students to take their learning outside the classroom. The ethos of our program lies in creating internship projects that actually add value to companies. 

The internship program is connected to an educational course that prepares the student for the project they need to do. This course not only teaches them basic professional etiquette but also helps them learn about the industry, company and processes. 

Internships are absolutely free for companies as the cost is borne by the student for the course. Welcome to the new age of recruitment and work experience. 


Message From the Founder

Our purpose at InternEd is to make this company home for all those high school students looking to learn, apply their skills and add value to the real world. 

Over the past 2 years, My friends and I have had difficulty finding meaningful internships that allowed us to learn on the job. A lot of students are at that age where they are trying to make decisions about what they should be investing their time studying in the future. Gaining exposure to what various jobs and tasks look like is crucial in determining their passion. 

It's not just about the students. I honestly believe companies stand to benefit from a unique viewpoint that students can bring to the table. Students can provide out-of-the-box solutions, oftentimes because they aren't inhibited by what can and can't be achieved. When this is mixed with the analytical abilities they learn from their place of work, it turns into value for the company and society. 

My focus is to ensure that all stakeholders find a purpose that drives them and InternEd can support and further that purpose.

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Portia Hartono,
Founder and CEO of InternEd

Our Education Partner

ascendnow (4).png

Ascend Now is an EdTech company based in Singapore. They are our exclusive training partners in terms of training and education. Ascend Now provide academic support and training programs for courses that go beyond academics.

What do companies look for in interns?



All 3 InternEd models are highly project-based and require strong communication skills between interns, as well as with the employers. 


The projects given might pose a challenge to the brightest of students; being able to overcome these challenges is extremely important for a program of this caliber.



All interns are expected to behave with a degree of professionalism that's appropriate for a corporate work environment.


The projects – especially the specific projects – require out-of-the-box thinking from the interns to fully utilize the potential of their unique perspective.


Think you possess the qualities mentioned above? We'd love to see it. Join one of our internship programs and harness your true potential

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